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Can you hypnotize people to kill?

Yes you can


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How it's done


Imagine you are the CIA or some other organization with thousands of agents on the look out for "naturals."

People vary wildly in their suggestibility. Some people are massively suggestible and controllable. "Super stars" so to speak.

Such people are very useful to intelligence agencies.

Now, listen up: You don't need to program a zombie to go and commit an assassination. You only need to deliver one to the scene.

He will forget how he got there or even worse (for him) have a false memory that he actually did the fatal shooting.

That's how completely untrained gunmen walk into a room, a theater, a school, a campus (whatever) and behave like top combat shooters. They don't. Someone else does the shooting and the patsy is left there holding the bag.

Notice how there is never a surveillance camera showing the suspect shooting, let alone holding a gun, even though most of the shooting sites are loaded with cameras.

Someone makes the footage disappear and the only "evidence" left behind is what's been created by the stagers.

Note: A "staged" shooting does not mean no one was killed (though that can happen too). It means that the portrayal of what actually happened is distorted so that the patsy becomes the "guilty' party and the real shooter(s) walk away.

This is how RFK was killed. Forensics prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that: a) two guns were fired in the kitchen and b) the shot that killed Kennedy came from behind and at close range.

Once Sirhan Sirhan started shooting, he became the center of attention and it was an easy matter for a cold blooded killer well used to murdering people to calmly pop him in the back of the head.

It's called misdirection and it's the easiest thing in the world to pull off. And if things go bad, if you control the "investigation", you have no worries.

(At least one witness saw who shot Kennedy and one guy actually photographed it. The witness was intimidated into silence and the photographer has his film taken and it was never returned.)

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