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The scariest 'mind control' drug in the world

Program length - 35:44


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Scopolamine as "Truth Serum"

George Bimmerle

Early in this century physicians began to employ scopolamine, along with morphine and chloroform, to induce a state of "twilight sleep" during childbirth. A constituent of henbane, scopolamine was known to produce sedation and drowsiness, confusion and disorientation, incoordination, and amnesia for events experienced during intoxication. Yet physicians noted that women in twilight sleep answered questions accurately and often volunteered exceedingly candid remarks.

In 1922 it occurred to Robert House, a Dallas, Texas, obstetrician, that a similar technique might be employed in the interrogation of suspected criminals, and he arranged to interview under scopolamine two prisoners in the Dallas county jail whose guilt seemed clearly confirmed. Under the drug, both men denied the charges on which they were held; and both, upon trial, were found not guilty. Enthusiastic at this success, House concluded that a patient under the influence of scopolamine "cannot create a lie ... and there is no power to think or reason." His experiment and this conclusion attracted wide attention, and the idea of a "truth" drug was thus launched upon the public consciousness...

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Navy Scientists Testing Anti-Motion Sickness Gel

Life Sciences

This blog post was shared with us by the Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory‘s Quarterly Science Update.

Motion sickness is a wide-spread, often debilitating problem across the Services.

Military scientists have studied the drug scopolamine as the leading countermeasure to motion sickness for decades. Current scopolamine delivery methods are effective, but have serious drawbacks. For example, oral scopolamine takes up to 60 minutes to take effect – too long if you’re already incapacitated. The scopolamine patch can take up to eight hours to begin working and involves drug levels often associated with increased side effects.

In answer to these drawbacks, a team of Naval Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory (NAMRL) scientists has been working on an alternative delivery method for scopolamine: intranasal administration. This work has demonstrated that intranasal scopolamine is easily administered, quickly and efficiently absorbed, and highly effective at low doses...

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Scopolamine Quotes

Source: Radio Interview of Gene "Chip" Tatum
Published: May (?) 1997 Author: Interview of Chip Tatum by Ted Gunderson
Posted on 11/12/1999 19:06:48 PST by aristeides 

Gunderson: You know, Chip, what about Hinckley and when he tried to shoot Reagan, and some of those. You could actually tell somebody, "Go shoot somebody," and they'd do it then. Is that what you're saying? 

Tatum: That's what I'm saying, and, you know, I'm - if we look at the Yitzhak Rabin case, I think that that is key. Hinckley recalls doing it. The difference between Hinckley and the man in Israel that shot Yitzhak Rabin is, the man in Israel admitted to it initially, and then comes back and said he doesn't recall any of those instances. That's escopolaminia. 

Transcript of 12 hours of radio interview of Chip Tatum on Intelligence Report. Ted Gundersson interviewe 1999.

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