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War Crimes:


America's Murder Inc. (02:49)

Syria - A year ago (03:50)

'NATO bombed Libya back into Stone Age' (4:19)

1950s Promo film for biological warfare (3:35)

A "surgical strike" (1:31:03)

A Very Heavy Agenda (50:03)

About the massacres in Syria (10:17)

Afghanistan and other smoke and mirrors (09:49)

Attack of the Drones - USA (26:30)

Behind the Pearl Harbor Attack (17:43)

Bernie protests the US funded massacre in Yemen (22:47)

"Blowback" (35:13)

Blowing the whistle on war crimes is a crime, but committing war crimes is fine (6:29)

Boiling the frog (08:49)

Bradley Manning Update (7:44)

Bradley Manning: Forgotten Man (15:55)

Catching up with Julian Assange (15:15)

CIA outsources harsh interrogations to its allies (8:27)

Continuity: The Bush and Obama administrations (14:01)

Darth Vader on Iran and Syria (08:15)

"Disturbing the Peace" (02:32)

Endless war explained (15:01)

Flying the unfriendly skies (5:04)

George Carlin on war and George Bush Jr . (02:22)

Granddad Bush: Nazi buddy (04:39)

Guidebook to False Confessions (17:25)

HAARP, a global phenomenon (1:01:28)

"Hearts and Minds" (01:52:02)

Henry Kissinger - War criminal (01:29:37)

History of presidential war crimes (11:35)

How occupation is waged in Afghanistan (26:09)

How the US military poisons its own troops (8:46)

How the Vietnam War destroyed the US economy (04:37)

In Libya, chaos reigns as militias run wild (6:56)

In memory of Russell Means (15:27)

John McCain - Lost in Space (3:00)

Kent State - 1970 (2:38)

"Kill everything that moves" (25:00)

Kissinger to speak at Yale - in secret (05:28)

Lethal Autonomy (6:34)

Libyan rebels cage black Africans, force-feed them flags (1:09)

Loss of Liberty (52:09)

"Lost" US soldier found in Vietnam (1:37)

Lying us into another war (5:52)

Media fuels conflict and pushes for intervention (3:56)

Mefloquine, the military's own zombie potion (13:15)

Nixon derailed peace talks in Vietnam (2:22)

Normandy was real - but the war was won by Russia (12:15)

Now female vets are homeless too (14:10)

Panama: George Bush Sr's dream war (13:06)

Psychopaths Rule The World (5:46)

Rand Paul says "No" to Obama's desire to kill US citizens without charge or trial (8:37)

Rand Paul takes on John Kerry (10:14)

Reckless endangerment (33:09)

Release Bradley Manning (3:50)

Remembering George "blood up to his elbows" Bush (35:19)

RFK on the State of the Union (2:56)

School of the Americas (5:39)

Silenced: Flight 800, the Subversion Of Justice (57:17)

"Stop the Drone War" (10:30)

Strangeness in the skies (3:43)

Take off those yellow ribbons (9:55)

The American Holocaust (29:40)

The backstory of the My Lai Massacre (08:59)

The best kept secret of WW II (19:02)

The biggest, bloodiest war in human history (1:19:42)

The bloody roots of Saudi Arabia (07:10)

The ethics of air war (4:45)

The FIRST Gulf War was based on a lie too (2:31)

The first Iraq War was a fraud too (5:04)

The Great American Killing Machine (13:07)

The Iraq War: On the ground (9:55)

The little war that could (09:17)

The Loss of Liberty (52:09)

The Most Dangerous Man in America (2:23)

The Myth Of The Good Wars (1:07:08)

The Nazis roots of NASA (6:00)

The original FEMA camps in 1942 (07:01)

The original "shock and awe" attack (1:30:00)

The Phoenix Program and Homeland Security (12:08)

The real Libya (7:24)

The simple case for Israeli involvement in 9/11 (08:15)

The Supreme Court and it's recent Habeas Corpus ruling (7:31)

"The truth must be told..." (22:48)

The US armed Saddam Hussein with chemical and biological weapons (9:56)

The US news media and war (16:49)

The US-supported holocaust in Yemen (09:05)

The Vietnamese holocaust (08:39)

The War Crimes of Agent Orange (3:04)

"The War You Don't See" (1:36:41)

"There is no limited intervention" (8:30)

They're all impeachable (4:29)

This is what war is (4:14)

Torture as American as apple pie? (16:49)

Turkey support of ISIS (05:46)

Ukraine drops white phosphorus on civilians targets (3:50)

US facilitating the Afghan opium/heroin industry (3:34)

War crimes deja vu (1990) (6:07)

War Crimes in Pakistan (4:18)

War criminal Elliott Abrams headed to Venezuela (20:53)

War From Inside The Belly Of The Beast (8:27)

What about after the war? (12:09)

What goes on at Guantanamo (49:28)

What the Vietnam Anti-war Movement Stopped (7:19)

What they say when they think we're not listening (00:01:55)

What's really going on in Syria? (11:40)

Where the money goes (05:34)

Where we're at without the sugar coating (8:47)

Why aren't they in jail? (12:48)

Why is President Obama keeping Yemeni journalist in prison? (12:50)

Why is the USA still in Afghanistan? (14:36)

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