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The ethics of air war

Program length - 4:45


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"Heroes" of the sky


The new game.

Declare a "no fly zone" to prevent the evil-doers from doing evil.

Include in your "no fly zone" raining bombs and missles down on declared air support and anti-aircraft installations.

This is not a war. Repeat. This is not a war.

It's just the "aimless" bombing and shelling of another country.


1980 - America starts its remilitarization campaign

Before Grenada, before Panama, before Yugoslavia, before Iraq, before Afghanistan, before Pakistan...

Before the US population had been re-militarized after Vietnam...

John Lennon, the highest profile, most outspoken opponent of US wars, was shot dead on his door step just weeks after George Bush Sr. was elected President (Vice President under a senile figure head.)

Unlike Martin Luther King, John Lennon wasn't killed for opposing the Vietnam War. He was killed because he would have been effective opposing the re-militarization of the nation.

Forty years old, at the height of his creative powers, beloved, outspoken, inspired, the Masters of War knew exactly how dangerous Lennon was to their plans for the next thirty years.

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