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George Carlin on war and George Bush Jr .

This video was completely scrubbed
from the Internet - but we just found it again


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Thanks to John McGowan and Kevin Gallagher


When we say videos we post sometimes get scrubbed from the Internet, we aren't kidding.

The only reason we have this fragment it that a fellow named John McGowan used it in one of his shows and another person Kevin Gallagher re-posted it to YouTube.

There is nothing more dangerous to abusive authority than reality that is clearly stated.

And George Carlin clearly hit a dangerous nerve here.

We gave this clip its name - "The root of all war" - and posted it to Brasscheck in the 2000s.

Before it was disappeared from YouTube, it had over 100,000 views, and that's back when 100,000 views of a video was a big deal.

Other than this clip, which was buried in this long show, this video has been completely scrubbed from the Internet - until now.

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