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Now female vets are homeless too

55,000 and counting


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What's next?


Fred Reed (FredOnEverything.com) sums it up best:

"The Pentagon is more interested in crippling new soldiers than in caring for those it has already crippled."

Now thanks to our "progressive" new society, women now get to share in the "male privilege" of having their limbs blown off and their minds permanently scrambled of behalf of the bottom lines of weapons contractors.

Here's something to consider...

What if the Pentagon decides they want the draft back...Will it automatically include women too? The door is now wide open.

Don't think this is happening naturally.

The entertainment industry has been more than happy to whore itself out behalf of the Pentagon to draw young women to "service."

For example, Kate Perry, spawn of Satan.

Watch how she sells young women on the idea that fighting for psychopaths is the answer to problems in life and a path to fulfillment:

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