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The Middle East:


'CIA death squads behind Syria bloodbath' (8:18)

'Israeli tourist attack could be pretext for war with Iran' (4:33)

'NATO bombed Libya back into Stone Age' (4:19)

A history lesson about Iran (05:19)

A trip through war-torn Syria (07:36)

A video Israel doesn't want you to see (28:09)

About Paris (10:15)

About the massacres in Syria (10:17)

Al Qaeda and the West team up to frame Syrian government for massacre (3:15)

Al-Qaeda and Washington war hawks call for arming Syrian rebels (2:38)

An American we can be proud of (13:38)

An experiment in democracy - destroyed (20:10)

Around the world with Anthony Bourdain (01:13)

Britain complicit in ISIS recruitment (12:25)

Carving up Syria (2:17)

"Christian" Zionist for Israel (28:59)

Cluster bombs in Yemen (02:31)

"Completely spontaneous" manufactured protests in Iran (28:16)

Confirmed: Syrian chemical attack a scam (19:03)

"Disturbing the Peace" (02:32)

For the freedom of Palestinians (24:47)

"Free expression," murder and psy-ops (7:29)

Galloway on Iraq (3:55)

Gaza is a testing ground for the Israeli arms industry (25:25)

Gaza: The Killing Zone (10:00)

George Galloway vs. war mongering parrot (7:14)

Germany admits NATO favoring Al Qaeda in Syria (6:02)

Guess who created radical Islam? (24:40)

Hillary, Saudi Arabia and ISIS (04:45)

Hitting Israel where it hurts (9:03)

How ISIS really works and who runs it (07:23)

How the US creates chaos in the Middle East (11:04)

If Americans knew... (3:23)

In Libya, chaos reigns as militias run wild (6:56)

Inside a Palestinian refugee camp (30:21)

Introducing "McJihad" (4:03)

Iran - A safe place for Jews (07:37)

Iran: The Rest of the Story (59:07)

Iraq, explained (4:36)

ISIS: Terrorist flavor of the month (17:50)

Israel's Influence on US Foreign Policy (3:14)

Israel's Iran scam (04:04)

Israel's nuclear weapons extend their reach (4:06)

Israel: The Jewish Homeland? (5:00)

Israeli tests its weapons on Palestinians (08:11)

John McCain - Lost in Space (3:00)

John Negroponte: The Death Squad Ambassador (2:42)

Judaism is not Zionism (21:09)

Lebanese pot farmers fight ISIS (5:13)

Legal but unregulated: The oldest profession unprotected (25:51)

Life in Gaza (2:40)

Loose Cannon: Will Israel attack Iran? (5:04)

Lying us into another war (5:52)

Meltdown in Saudi Arabia? (26:20)

Never again (3:39)

Nuclear weapons in the Middle East (02:42)

Obama accelerates preparations for limited air strikes, no-fly zones in Syria (1:21)

Obama declares war on war...to make peace (1:37)

Ongoing massacre in Palestine (26:11)

Pro-Israeli New Yorkers endorse a "final solution" (3:54)

Rand Paul takes on John Kerry (10:14)

Remember the war in Iraq? (04:25)

Sands of Sorrow - 1950 (28:32)

Saudi Arabia, the US and other atrocities (17:37)

Spoon of Terror! (25:35)

Syria: It's 2013 all over again (06:15)

Syria: They're not "rebels" (4:10)

Syrian president rebuts Kerry's baloney (8:00)

The #1 beheader in the world is.. (11:34)

The Bush Family's Best Buddies (2:30)

The ever-loathesome New York Times (10:56)

The great Saudi Arabian scam (19:13)

The horror...of false flag attacks (6:15)

The Israeli Blockade (02:24)

The modern history of Iran (9:48)

The Real Dubai Story (14:00)

The refugee crisis (05:33)

The Saudi arms deal - and terrorism (09:02)

The Saudi Government beheaded 19 people in the month of August 2014 (04:45)

The source of terrorism (15:05)

The Syrian strike (19:02)

The truth about Israel (05:32)

The truth about Saudi Arabia and the news media (14:23)

The truth about Syria (49:35)

Trump and the Saudis (00:58)

Turkey support of ISIS (05:46)

US "loses" weapons in Syria (03:59)

US and allies supported, armed and trained ISIS and groups like it (6:10)

US created ISIS to topple Libya (21:01)

US global arms sales tripled in 2011 (9:26)

US Senator and purple heart winner supports Syria (08:26)

We were warned about Iraq (11:59)

What does Israel want? (12:55)

What they say when they think we're not listening (00:01:55)

What's Behind the Libya Attack? (15:00)

What's really going on in Syria? (11:40)

When Will We Attack Syria? (5:29)

Who started the war? (3:36)

Who the heck are the Kurds? (5:11)

Who's Really Behind the War in Syria? (50:09)

Why the Justice Department doesn't catch banksters, terrorists and other enemies of the nation (9:36)

WitchHunt (07:18)

Zombie warriors (28:57)

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