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Life in Gaza

Program length - 2:40


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Some history and background


What is now called "Israel" was a country called Palestine and was populated peacefully by Muslims, Christians and Jews.

This land was taken from the Palestinians at gunpoint and they were herded into refugee camps to provide a "homeland" for Jews.
Why Jews alone among all the religious and ethnic groups in the world merit their own religious apartheid state is a question that needs to be asked and discussed.

And please don't go on and on about "THE" Holocaust. There have been hundreds of holocausts in human history, many in the last 100 years. I don't see any of those groups demanding let alone being granted their own state with massive US economic and military subsidies in order to exist.

US politicians go on and on about Israel's "right" to survive.

How about the Palestinians' right to survive?

How about America's right to survive without squandering its wealth and its international reputation?

Jews are able to live successfully and prosperously in the most advanced economies of the world, the US, Canada, the UK, Switzerland etc. so to say that they are at special risk and need to be protected is a total absurdity.

In fact, many Jews actively disagree with the idea of a "Jewish state" and many are opposed to the Israeli war party's brutalization of the Palestinians which has continued without ceasing since the last century.

One bizarre thing about the second video...

The Palestinians are made out to be beggars supported by the kindness of Israel and the UN.

I don't know the value of the land, homes, farms and businesses stolen from the Palestinians by the Israeli war party, but I'm sure that whatever food Israel has provided to the formally self-supporting people whose land they've stolen amounts to less than 1/10 of 1% of its value.

Native American people were slaughtered en mass and then rounded up into "reservations"...blacks were worked like animals and forced to live in distant "townships" in South Africa...Jews were walled Nazis into "ghettos" by the Nazis and starved...

This is an old and obvious pattern.

It's time to stop disgracing one of the world's great spiritual and cultural traditions by claiming this gangsterism has anything to do with Judaism or its values.


This sums up the attitude of the criminal gang that operates Israel:

"The Palestinians must be made to understand in the deepest recesses of their consciousness that they are a defeated people."

- Moshe Yaaolon, Chief of Staff, Israeli Defense Forces (2002)

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