US and allies supported, armed
and trained ISIS and groups like it

In Syria, they're good/In Iraq, they're bad

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Endless money for war, zero for domestic economy

ISIS is one of just a few whack job groups supported by the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

This coalition wants to destroy Syria and they're willing to use any means which includes supporting, training and arming ISIS and groups like it - in Syria.

When they show up with advanced tactics, training and weapons in Iraq, suddenly they're a problem.

But actually it's not a problem at all because it gives the US a chance to re-ignite its activities in Iraq.

But here's something no one is talking about...


Barbaric, shocking, insane.

Guess what government performed NINETEEN of them in the first half of this month (August 2014) alone>

US ally and oil pimp Saudi Arabia.
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