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Galloway on Iraq

"I told the world that your case for war was a pack of lies."


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Galloway comes to Congress...


Galloway was expelled from the Labor Party and falsely accused of corrupt behavior for his outspoken opposition to the UK's participation in the invasion of Iraq.

In this clip, Galloway appears before a US Congressional committee looking into claimed irregularities in the Oil-forFood program. In what I'm sure was an unexpectedly turn of events, he used the opportunity to make his case against the war and those who supported it.

Hezbollah is the army of the devil, right?

Galloway points out that the conflict in Lebanon did not begin four weeks ago and that, in fact, Israel has been militarily occupying various parts of Lebanon for over twenty years.

Kidnapping? Hezbollah is not the only force in the Middle East that plays that game.

Is Hezbollah nothing more than an irrational, hate-filled terrorist group as the Israeli War Party and its supporters claim? Or is another perpective possible?

Left Journalist Christopher Hitchens supported - and still supports - the US/UK invasion of Iraq. He believes the Bush administration has noble motives in the region.

Whatever position you take, it's refreshing to hear this important subject debated in depth and not presented as a series of disconnected 30 second sound bites from politicians.

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