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Israel: The Jewish Homeland?

"Very few words to describe what I see.."


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It's time for this charade to stop


In Europe, the Nazis built walls around Jewish neighborhoods, denying Jews access to work, food and, ultimately, decent living conditions. It was pure viciousness.

Can somebody (who is not a racist, pro-Israel bigot), please explain to me how this differs from how the US-subsidized Israeli war party treats the Palestinians?

To claim that the State of Israel - as it conducts itself today - is the rightful home of the world's Jews is a slur on Judaism. The religion doesn't endorse brutality and viciousness, so what kind of Jew embraces Israel without acknowledging and condemning its criminal conduct?

Israel is Jewish? Really? By what standard? It's like calling the KKK Christian.

Jews by the millions live in peace with their neighbors in London, NY, Chicago, Los Angeles, and many other civilized places in the world.

What other "religion" demands its own apartheid "homeland"? There are certainly many Jews who make no such demand.

It's time for this charade to stop and for American taxpayers to stop paying for it.

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