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Israel's Influence on
US Foreign Policy

The Middle East


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In whose interest?


Former U.S. Marine Corps officer and UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter talks about the unique influence that the Israel war lobby has on the U.S. news media and U.S. foreign policy.

Can anything be done to turn this around?

Ritter has written an important new book "Waging Peace" which answers this question realistically and comprehensively.

It's the peace manual for our times.

By they way, please note that the is a HUGE difference between the Israeli War Lobby (an alliance of the Israeli war party and corrupt politicians in the US) and Israelis, Jews, and even Zionists.

Many Israelis oppose the behavior of their government as do many Jews in the United States and elsewhere. Also, many "Zionists" are naive people whose idealism has been co-opted by corrupt elements.

To talk of "Israel", "Jews" and even "Zionists" as the problem is ignorant and counterproductive. It is the Israeli war party and their supporters in the US that is the problem.

At public meetings, I insist that this distinction is made and I am surprised by how many professional critics of the war party dismiss its importance. It's a VERY important distinction.

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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