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Hidden History


A closer look at Abraham Lincoln (9:31)

A different look at slavery (12:06)

A different view of Camelot (27:39)

A fresh look at the Depression (55:21)

A quick and subversive history lesson (2:00)

A real dose of real American history (10:58)

A recap of the Clinton years do we really want them back? (15:38)

A Renegade History of the United States (1:03:08)

A second look at Timothy Leary (11:10)

An animated history of empires (2:00)

China: One of five people on earth (10:36)

Columbus Day: The back story (14:00 )

Corporate murder (35:11)

Detroit, Ford and the Great Depression (8:28)

Education, brainwashing, and more (01:58:58) NEW!

Everything you know about Jesus is a lie (13:01)

Filippo Brunelleschi (4:44)

Gun rights haters will hate this (1:29:38)

How ancient India shaped the world (49:33)

How Dark Were the Dark Ages? (12:08)

How Italians fought fascism (3:00)

How the banks take everything over (7:49)

How the US/UK learned to control minds (13:49) NEW!

How they control us (13:10)

Is Israel and its US lobby above the law? (14:01)

Is this what the attack on Iran will look like? (44:17)

Kent State/Jackson State murders (36:54)

Meet me at Mena (2:21:30)

Moses a terrorist? (6:11)

Muslim Sicily: A lost paradise (13:39)

Mysteries of an underground city (41:55)

Nixon derailed peace talks in Vietnam (2:22)

Normandy was real - but the war was won by Russia (12:15)

Old Tibet not all it's cracked up to be (6:55)

Our allies in Yugoslavia (28:19)

Our secret ancestors (23:29)

Plato and the world of illusion (8:19)

Politics, entertainment and organized crime (7:58)

Psychological warfare (8:29)

Remembering The Watts Riots (2:39)

Reviving the Cold War (59:35)

Ronald Reagan: Arch FBI snitch (20:59)

Scientology vs Internet activists (1995) (9:58)

Standing with watches waiting... (9:36)

Terrorism at home: The history (8:23)

"That Bay of Pigs Thing" (55:10)

The "Dark" Ages (1:00:08)

The "free market" origins of May Day (9:55)

The 100 MPG car (4:33)

The American Holocaust (29:40)

The ancient Indian Ocean Trade (10:15)

The best kept secret of WW II (19:02)

The Big War...forgotten by history (1:28:53)

The biggest Iranian scandal (58:25)

The biggest, bloodiest war in human history (1:19:42)

The British Crown's biggest business (45:06)

The CIA, drugs and rock and roll (50:50)

The corporate coup of the 1930s (14:09)

The dirty secret of Diego Garcia (12:29)

The government since 1981 and beyond (1:15)

The greatest navigators in history (8:58)

The hidden helper in the Revolutionary War (59:09)

The hidden history of Europe (7:42)

The History of the Bush Family (1991) (56:19)

The illegal books industry (10:01)

"The Invisible Government" (4:01)

The lead up to World War II (15:46)

The Olympics over but the Cossacks are forever (17:15)

The original NSA/Homeland Security (10:01)

The Other Atlantis: Hidden in plain sight (1:37:36)

The Other Civil War (5:46)

The Other Revolutionary War (14:12)

The other Revolutionary War(s) (13:43)

The Pentagon, the Mafia, and the Nazis (7:22)

"The Police Tapes" (1:28:23)

The psychopaths at top (10:06)

The Real Government Debt Fraud (14:50)

The Real History of Money and Debt (4:49)

The Real History of Money and Debt - Part 2 (15:17)

The Real History of Money and Debt - Part 3 (12:15)

The real story of Christopher Columbus (29:13)

The Saint Patricks Battalion (51:50)

The secret buried beneath Central Park (3:56)

The secrets of Easter Island (4:20)

The secrets of the ancient Druids (46:45)

The ultimate PG genius (28:02)

The untold history of "arabic" numerals (4:42)

The untold story of US POWs (50:12)

The War on Consciousness (13:26)

The whole history of slavery (26:04)

The whole Middle Eastern mess decoded (45:12)

This is what Prohibition was REALLY about (8:51)

This massive genocide is denied to this day (54:48)

Three signs you're in a Banana Republic (4:25)

Timothy McVeigh: Government agent (58:17)

Understanding the US Constitution (6:40:07)

Vladimir Putin's Russia (1:28:00)

What the South Bronx was like in the 1970s (1:12)

When "It" Hits The Fan (4:59)

Where the Arab/Israeli conflict got its start (16:27)

Where the crazies come from (4:53)

Who is really behind ISIS? (27:31)

Who Won the American Revolution? (12:41)

Why does America have so many ghettos? (16:24)

Why we should never forget the Magna Carta (13:38)

Worlds Largest Pyramid Discovered (9:10)

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