The "free market" origins of May Day

A history forgotten

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Workers uniting in solidarity

It's the late 19th century. The memory of the Civil War is still heavy in the minds of Americans, many of whom fought in battles themselves.

The people were slaves to their jobs, working for the majority of their day at least six days a week with very little pay.

Workers united and rose up and protested these conditions, demanding a shortening of their work day and a raise in wages.

What they were met with was violence, and a lot of it. In Chicago, people were being killed by the police as they rose up in protest.

These were the conditions which led up to the Haymarket affair and what is now known as the International Worker's Day, celebrated on May 1st.

In celebration of the recent holiday, let's take a quick look at the history, and how relevant it is to the issues we face as a country today.
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