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The Surveillance State


'Spy services feed info to whistleblowers to keep tabs on site visitors' (11:24)

100% total surveillance at the airport (1:29)

A talk with Edward Snowden (7:31)

Apple built secret back door to the iPhone (4:48)

Australia plans to record all Internet activity (4:11)

Automated license plate recognition (3:59)

BBC attack on Glenn Greenwald backfires (14:09)

Biggest Rally against NSA domestic spying (8:23)

Bogus tech used to accuse innocent people (09:11)

Boys and their toys (1:16)

Buried in the information "haystack" (3:24)

Chomsky: "Snowden is a hero" (05:10)

CIA insider explains what's wrong with intelligence agencies (10:57)

"Criminalizing journalism" (19:17)

Don’t be fooled they’re still spying on you (03:16)

Edward Snowden Did Not Work For The NSA (7:18)

FBI planes spying on Baltimore? (07:47)

"George Orwell was an optimist" (19:18)

Google's revolving door with the US State Department (6:23)

Government by blackmail (1:02:54)

Greenwald's big mysterious PayPal payday (59:58)

Guess who just sued the NSA (3:49)

Has the web we love been turned against us? (58:58)

High tech surveillance Nazi style (5:48)

How 'Big Brother' watches you (54:14)

How important is freedom of speech really to America? (29:15)

How NSA/CIA created Silicon Valley (9:35)

How the government silences witnesses (6:41)

How the NSA let 9/11 happen (07:02)

Is the NSA keeping you safe? (7:42)

"It's cool to wear the Mark of the Beast" (4:32)

"It's not safe to be a whistleblower in the US" (23:15)

Its not just the NSA (20:30)

Mark of the Beast Inc. (2:13)

Meet The Five Eyes Alliance (4:56)

Meet the newest NSA whistle-blower (4:41)

Michael Hastings death was no accident (10:04)

More cop fun and games (4:45)

New police toys (27:47)

NSA abuses predicted in 1967 spoof (4:49)

NSA data warehouse frying itself (6:31)

NSA eavesdropped on US generals, judges, government officials and Obama (3:40)

NSA spying ruled illegal (3:56)

NSA stealing e-mail contact lists too (0:59)

NSA: Spying on girlfriends, spouses, and others (9:09)

NSA: Thieves, liars and fools (5:58)

Obama's legacy - The Drone King (02:04)

Patriot Act without the BS (03:05)

Project: Dickpix (7:31)

RoboCop? No, just the news in 2013 (2:21)

Ronald Reagan: Arch FBI snitch (20:59)

Straight talk on technology (24:14)

Surveillance State lawyers defend their crimes (51:42)

Surveillance: State-of-the-art (26:56)

The CEO who said "No" to the NSA (4:01)

The courageous anti-surveillance activist you probably never heard of (12:50)

The epic battle for power in cyberspace (12:28)

The Feds destroy another Internet business (15:37)

The financial history of Facebook (4:00)

The fraud of the Espionage Act (05:47)

The glamorous meat biz (09:24)

The history of US spying on innocent people (36:17)

The misery of intelligence work (49:43)

The new iPhone nSa (3:39)

The new UK blackmail machine (09:57) NEW!

The NSA Congressional bribery program (5:33)

The NSA Lied Us Into Iraq (10:14)

The NSA: How deep it goes (11:59)

The original NSA whistleblowers (1:19:24)

The Real Info War (11:25)

The social media scams just keep coming (10:14)

The State and its lie machine enforcers (6:29)

The Ultimate Surveillance Program (19:03)

They're still spying on us (9:00)

"They're violating the rights
of everyone in the country"

"They've thrown out the Constitution" (12:04)

This is not a movie - This is real (2:21)

Thomas Drake (07:41)

Unreasonable search #756 (10:10)

US companies selling customer data to NSA (2:26)

US government extortion attack on Yahoo (3:24)

"We'll bug your house - and you'll pay us for it" (06:50)

What Facebook is really all about (3:44)

What WikiLeaks Revealed (59:29)

When AT&T recorded millions of phone calls (12:54)

Where do trolls come from? (5:23)

Whistleblowers - Canaries in the coal mine (07:07)

Why is the US military making fake social media accounts? (4:49)

Why privacy matters (06:14)

Yahoo CEO: "We do what we're told" (5:02)

You can take my email service (13:06)

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