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NSA data warehouse frying itself

At least ten damaging power surges


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Maybe the incompetence of the US Army Corps of Engineers
will win the day


So far there have been at least ten reported damaging power surges at the NSA's big new $2 billion data center.

The new good news for the Constitution and people who hope to be protected by it is the data center constructions if being supervised by the US Army Corps of Engineers.

They're the same geniuses who built the levee system that was supposed to survive the direct strike of a Category 5 hurricane in New Orleans - and collapsed catastrophically after being grazed by a Category 3 hurricane.

They've also built showers in Iraq for troops that literally electrocute users (no fatalities though as far as we know.)

Let's hope they do as good a job on the NSA's new data center in Utah.

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