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The epic battle for power in cyberspace

Technology magnifies power


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"The quick vs. the strong"


This enlightening and, ultimately, hopeful talk on the shift of Internet power and control from grassroots origins to the current corporate/government model covers a lot of ground. It provides an amazing overview of where we came from, where we stand now, and where we are heading regarding privacy, access to information, and censorship.

Starting at the beginning, Bruce Schneier takes us through a brief history of how and why the Internet morphed from its freewheeling early years to the controlled and surveilled landscape of today, and how it could continue to evolve in the future.

He also outlines a plan to create a stalemate between the powers. With the proper checks and balances, neither the strong (governments and corporations) nor the quick (hackers, dissidents) come out on top. In this model, there is real shared power, and true freedom.

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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