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The Secret Government:


93% of Americans have Bisphenol-A in their blood and urine (11:31)

A "recovering" CIA officer explains the reality of the Shadow Government (55:27)

A warning from the Georgia Guidestones (6:40)

Agenda 21 For Dummies (9:32)

Aggressive maneuvers for autonomous quadrotor flight (1:27)

Barack O'Romney (10:28)

Battle at the top for UFO disclosure (8:09)

Bill Clinton's Lies: CIA drug trafficking in Mena, Arkansas (2:33)

Blackwater: Murder for Hire (30:00)

Britain pushes for mass surveillance society (2:53)

Cash = Terrorism (5:46)

Chemtrails Up Close (9:48)

Cheney admits he authorized torture (6:52)

Child Protective Services made her a zombie (7:02)

CNN's Fareed Zakaria attempts Jedi mind trick (8:17)

Conspiratus Ubiquitus (1:27:31)

Corporate media refuses to cover 'Global Mafia' meeting (6:57)

Corporate Personhood (8:18)

Democrips & Rebloodlicans on the loose! (13:44)

Different faces, the same game (8:00)

Dumb by design (1:14:41)

FBI wants flat-out totalitarian spying on the internet (10:28)

Geoengineering explained by G. Edward Griffin (4:57)

Google's no privacy policy (6:35)

High tech surveillance Nazi style (5:48)

How America lost its way (4:53)

How Reagan became president (6:19)

How U.S. Presidents are "neutralized" (5:00)

Interesting timing (3:00)

Invisible Empire (2:14:01)

Jewish Times threatens President Obama (4:08)

John Negroponte: The Death Squad Ambassador (2:42)

Jonestown and Brainwashing (00:11:41)

Libya, The Real Story (22:17)

Mae Brussell: We never went to the moon (44:06)

Merck, the military, and germ warfare on college campuses (9:35)

Obama and torture (2:35)

Obama's Executive Order facilitates martial law (14:26)

One cartel to rule them all (9:29)

Pentagon prepares 'Re-Education Camps' for American citizens (9:40)

Pentagon: trick or treat! (1:55)

Pressure from above, pressure from below (7:49)

Propaganda's founding father, Edward Bernays (2:52)

Psychopaths Rule The World (5:46)

Speaking of the New World Order... (2:00)

The arithmetic of war (7:07)

The CIA watches local politics (10:00)

The Deep State (1:18:34)

The Fascist Blueprint (47:46)

"The Great Culling" (9:45)

The implementation of population control programs in other nations (14:16)

The INSLAW Affair (17:00)

The Media is Controlled (1:35)

The missing history of the CIA (2:38:18)

The modern history of Iran (9:48)

The opium origins of Skull & Bones (10:58)

The Phoenix Program and Homeland Security (12:08)

The Real Info War (11:25)

The roots of the UN (09:02)

The Sandy Hook story does not add up (1:40:19)

The secret history of our downfall (52:23)

The skinny on the planned cashless society (10:56)

The Staged "Alien Invasion" Threat (12:00)

The war against the weak: Eugenics in America (10:01)

Third World USA (continued) (09:29)

Understanding the art of Subversion and Demoralization (1:03:05)

Update: Marine vet kidnapped by FBI released (6:30)

US-Nazi Aeronautics (43:33)

Wall Street and the Bolshevik Revolution (13:29)

Weather and earthquake weapons (25:03)

What in the World Are They Spraying? (1:37:45)

When the US went off the tracks for real (1:24:46)

Who the heck is John Kerry anyway? (3:25)

Who will be the next president? (2:45)

Who's driving the war? (4:00)

WikiLeaks shuts down, Assange vows to fight (1:06)

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