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Who will be the next president?

Not Giuliani Now!


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The fix is in



Hey, I was wrong. Maybe. It looks like McCain and Huckabee drove a stake through the heart of Ghoul-iani, the fraud who lives on the death of over 3,000 who he failed to protect by gross incompetence.

I'd like to see Ron Paul become next president of the US.

I don't agree with him on everything, but he's an honorable man who loves the country and respects the rule of law.

But that's not the kind of person who gets elected president of the US these days.

The job is really only open to mental and moral midgets who can be be counted on to forward the fascist agenda. Rudy Giuliani fits the bill perfectly.

Here's some old video of a private meeting showing how close he is to the Rockefeller family empire and how accepting he is of their agenda.

There's no way Hilary Clinton will become president and Barack Obama, capable and decent as he may be, doesn't have a chance. So that really only leaves one person. Add the Republican election fraud machine and the fix is in.

It's pretty clear that Giuliani has been anointed by the "free pass" he's been given by the US news media. The endorsement by Pat Robertson shows that the right wing Christian nut job vote is being herded into supporting him too.

Open adultery? No problem. Doing business with criminals? No problem. Gross incompetence and dishonesty? No problem.

In no sane country would a fraud like Giuliani be considered as a candidate. The fact that he's being taken seriously is a very, very bad sign for where we're headed.

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