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Who the heck is John Kerry anyway?

Acts like a CIA operative


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Skull and Bones 'fix it' man?


I started to develop my suspicions about Kerry when he obviously threw the 2004 presidential election in favor of fellow Skull and Bones member George Bush Jr.

Let's look at his resume before he became a booster for illegal acts of war against sovereign countries.

1. Yale grad
2. Skull and Bones member
3. Navy officer who participate in the CIA's infamous PHOENIX program, including the assassination of civilians suspected of being politically opposed to the US backed puppet government there
4. Anti-war activist AFTER the Pentagon decided they wanted out, but couldn't get out because of Nixon's insanity
5. Played a very large role in the Iran-Contra drug hearings...Did he actually reveal anything or was he a cover up man for fellow Bonesman George Bush Sr?
6. Threw the 2004 election so George "The Idiot" Bush could have a second whack at destroying the country
7. Cheerleading for the mad bomber Barack Obama.

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