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Blackwater: Murder for Hire

Right Wing Christian Dynasty
creates its own private army


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Background on Blackwater


Who owns Blackwater?

A right wing "good Christian" pro-corporate family that controls over $1 billion in assets amd has been very generous to the Bush family.

Blackwater is just one of their projects.

Where does Blackwater get its personnel? Ex-US military, of course. They also go to places like Chile and Colombia to hire US-trained right wing gun thugs.

Could Blackwater ever be used against American citizens?

It already has.

Armed Blackwater operatives making $900 per day were the first into New Orleans before FEMA, the Red Cross and the National Guard.

Currently, Blackwater is suing the families of four of its employees who were killed in Iraq for $10 million each.

Their offense?

They wanted to know how their family members were killed, the company refused to tell them, so they sued for the information.

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