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The Iraq War


An eyes-wide-open prayer for peace (4:29)

Biological warfare against US troops (10:00)

Bush gets the boot in Iraq (1:00)

Contaminated battle fields (6:51)

Decision to torture went all the way to the top (2:00)

Eric Holder Resigns! (4:45)

Faked war footage from Iraq/ISIS (3:10)

How George Bush Supports our Troops (5:00)

Iraq War I veteran Charlie McGrath (6:21)

Iraq, explained (4:36)

ISIS: Armed by US (4:32)

Remember the war in Iraq? (04:25)

The FIRST Gulf War was based on a lie too (2:31)

The great al-Qaeda prison break (5:44)

The Internet as a Lie Detector (09:19)

The Iraq money pit (48:23)

The Iraq War: On the ground (9:55)

The NSA Lied Us Into Iraq (10:14)

Vicious hypocrisy (3:33)

War's Price Tag (3:00)

We all knew the Iraq Invasion was BS (3:00)

We were warned about Iraq (11:59)

Weapons of Mass Destruction (1:30)

What's going on with the US funding of ISIS? (9:10)

White Phosphorus in Iraq (10:50)

Why aren't they in jail? (12:48)

Why we're broke (3:00)

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