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ISIS: Armed by US

Trained by them too


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Comments from Iraq veteran Charlie McGrath


Remember how we've been saying over and over again that the "opposition" to Syria - the people who were killing, maiming and destroying the peace of hundreds of thousands of Syrians - were Saudi and US backed thugs?

Now we're seeing the fruit of that policy.

Charlie McGrath was one of the first to get on video the FACT that ISIS is toting US-provided weaponry.

Not mentioned, but reported elsewhere, not only were these guys armed by the US government and its sleazy friends in Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the were TRAINED by the US on now-not-so-secret bases in Jordan.

You see it's pretty rare just to hand people weapons and say "go get 'em boys." They need to know little things like how to load them, clean them, fix them, unjam them and, of course, point them at people and avoid shooting each other. After all, shooting tanks - one of the skills they were trained in - is not something you pick up hunting rabbits.

The US armed them, trained them and probably gave their their nifty name too - and you're going to pay the bill to clean the mess up.

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