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Biological warfare
against US troops

Courtesy of Halliburton


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Brought to you
by the Bush administration


This is how George Bush and Dick Cheney support the troops. And you can thank Congress for it too while you're at it.

Simple biological warfare - poisoning the troops' water supply - is the most cost effective way of neutralizing the effectiveness of an armed force.

The problem is how do you get to the supply?

In Iraq, that's no problem.

Bush and company have brought in private contractors to provide the water supply to troops and the private contractor, Halliburton, Dick Cheney's former employer, has deemed it unnecessary to provide uncontaminated water to US troops serving in Iraq.

Take the money? Sure. The actual safety of the water? Not our concern.

Neither the flag-waving rabble-rousers of the Bush administration nor the gutless, venal cowards in Congress seem to care about the problem.

Too busy gearing up for the attack on Iran I guess.

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