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White Phosphorus in Iraq

Warning: Grim war footage


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Degrees of savagery


There's not doubt the forces attacking the Iraqi government at the moment are savages.

On the other hand, they aren't the first group of savages to pass through.

White phosphorus is a horrific weapon that literally melts human skin and once it's in the air it doesn't discriminate who it attacks. First used in the 19th century, the UK formalized its use with white phosphorus grenades during World War I.

The US used it in World War I as well and has continuously used it since in World War II, Korea, Vietnam - and Iraq.

In 2004, it was used directly against civilians in Fellujah, during the second US/Iraq war.

The US claimed Saddam may have used it and that criminal act (assuming it ever happened) was used as a pretext to invade the country to bring "democracy."

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