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Law enforcement corruption & abuse:


A visit to Family Court (04:59)

'Affluenza', the new excuse for crime (if you're rich) (7:56)

1 Marine vs. 30 Cops (5:32)

1.6 Billion rounds plus 2,700 hundred of these (2:45)

16 year old jailed for three years - in solitary (4:00)

22.4% of Vancouver's budget goes to police (2:42)

79,000 felons go free (0:28)

A particularly dirty form of police brutality (13:02)

A police state invites this kind of abuse (6:07)

A visit from your friendly federal police (2:53)

A whole Sheriff's Department arrested (9:51)

Amtrak crash while Congress cuts its budget? (02:01)

And now, for some good news (1:53)

Another day, another drug raid (2:45)

Arizona Police Officer Executes Man (6:44)

Army misplaced $6 trillion (02:23)

Ask for directions and go to jail (2:08)

Ask not for whom the bell tolls (9:30)

Bail? Really? (1:09)

Barbering without a license (3:24)

Black torture sites - now in the US (03:43)

Border patrol nowhere near the border (5:04)

Boston Bombing and the private contractors (5:05)

Boston Bombing witness murdered (9:14)

"Boston strong" shows its true colors (3:46)

Caught red handed (03:06)

Challenge a cop's BS with a camera? (01:37)

Chicago police torture outed (13:00)

Child-Sex Ring run by Republicans (56:41)

Civil forfeiture (16:30)

Cops gone wild (56:36)

Cops moonlighting as stick up artists (3:20)

Cowardly NYPD lets thugs rule the road (7:03)

Crime against justice: Ferguson prosecutor sued (3:03)

Criminals in police uniforms (01:29)

Decades old rape kits finally tested (8:12)

Desperate sheriffs sue over marijuana state laws (4:02)

Don't cops have better things to do? (2:20)

Electronic civil forfeiture (16:53)

Eric Holder called on his bullshit (6:38)

Every day is Christmas for the police (5:55)

Feds try to steal a motel from elderly couple (2:47)

Ferguson Missouri? (2:47)

Ferguson pulled the wool away from our eyes (3:51)

Film a killing, go to jail (04:05)

"First stop killing us" (44:18)

Grow okra, go to jail? (02:28)

Gun confiscation reality check (00:05:04)

Hard core conservative radio talk host calls (3:35)

"Hero" undercover cop busted (5:16)

Hero? Really? (1:13)

Holidays? Not for these protestors (3:40)

How law enforcement mistreats the mentally ill (23:05)

How police start riots (21:11)

How the Missouri DA rigged the Grand Jury in the Ferguson case (10:43)

"I can't breathe" (5:08)

In case you haven't had enough... (3:15)

"Informants" and other human garbage (10:57)

Is the US a Police State? (43:43)

LA type looting taking place near St. Louis (2:57)

Legalized theft (2:12)

"Let's ruin a good kid's life for nothing" (2:10)

Live breaking news - FBI head grilled by Congress (00:00)

Live video From the Michael Brown Shooting You Probably Havenít Seen (6:19)

Malcolm X Day (06:34)

Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas on Countdown (6:04)

Maybe people have had enough (3:23)

Meet me at Mena (2:21:30)

Meet the FBI director who gave Hillary a pass (06:59)

Militarized police: What to do? (1:30)

More cop fun and games (4:45)

MRAPs in the Heartland (1:13)

New boss same as the old one: The Bush-Bama presidency (14:33)

New cop logic: "Violent outcomes are desirable" (2:55)

New DNA technologies get attention from FBI (1:31)

New US report shows Ferguson police worse than we thought (11:00)

News from the pipeline (12:34)

NYC Mayor Bloomberg endorses and orders this (13:15)

NYPD Cop hits Supreme Court Judge in the throat (2:49)

NYPD police union threatens the mayor (6:35)

Off duty NYC cops part of assault (6:02)

On an ISIS hit list? (03:25)

Police Brutality During Occupy Wall St. Protest (9:04)

Police killings: How bad is it really? (11:29)

Police raid a passionate gardener (16:47)

Policing for Profit (3:54)

Policing for Profit (6:50)

Pro-Cannabis neuroscientist attacked by LAPD (18:15)

Protesting the right to protest? (3:34)

Question: How many are killed by cops each year? (3:43)

Rape in the US military (1:45)

Remembering The Watts Riots (2:39)

Snitch or die (7:18)

So you think Canada is better, eh? (2:33)

Spoon of Terror! (25:35)

Standing Rock and New Orleans (51:06)

Strange Immunity (54:29)

Strong evidence OJ didn't do it (1:27:31)

SWAT Team at Navy Yard shooting told to 'Stand Down' (6:27)

SWAT team throws flash grenade in playpen (1:13)

SWAT team, wrong house (04:29)

The "Magic" Confession Note (5:50)

The "new and improved" stop-and-frisk (5:51)

The awesome power of ridicule (4:04)

The CIA cocaine pipeline to South Central LA (3:05)

The dirty war on drugs goes on (24:30)

The FBI's Fed Follies (5:28)

The incredible disappearing play (02:09:01)

The latest victims of the police state (06:16)

The new, reverse Robin Hoods (4:22)

The news about the news (06:27)

The next big "revenue source" (3:51)

The original Wikileaks - Before the Internet (13:37)

The permanent Police State (1:32)

The Rise of the Warrior Cop (5:24)

The shady red light camera sham (3:08)

The State and its lie machine enforcers (6:29)

The still un-prosecuted murder of Fred Hampton (10:12)

The still-mysterious OJ Simpson story (1:09:51)

The Ultimate Surveillance Program (19:03)

Their crime? Growing tomatoes (2:44)

This cop admits everything (3:33)

This is what you're potentially subject to when you drive in Georgia, USA (8:12)

To serve and protect: SWAT teams in America (7:03)

"Trolls" are often paid by the government (8:48)

Undercover cop tricks autistic student, makes him a criminal (24:30)

Undercover cop tricks autistic student, makes him a criminal (24:30)

"US police as dangerous as criminals" (7:17)

US police caught in action (1:26)

Veteran police officer says "no" to random door-to-door searches (5:00)

Weapons in the war against democracy (7:00)

Welcome back to school (2:28)

Welcome to America (5:05)

Welcome to America (1:49)

What happens when you try to make a complaint against a police officer (9:59)

What is the DEA up to now? (4:14)

Who are the abusive police officers? (6:06)

Who are you going to believe? (05:06)

Who serves who? (5:00)

Wikileaks...before the Internet (13:37)

Wrong home, no warrant - again (06:21)

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