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NYPD Cop hits Supreme Court Judge in the throat

And he'll probably get away with it


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Like rabid animals


Best real world advice I ever got about cops came from a San Francisco criminal defense attorney who had seen it all.

"When dealing with US police, assume you are dealing with a person who has the mentality of a cornered rabid animal."

I already knew this growing up in New York City, but it was comforting to know that my perception of things was accurate.

The victim, a judge, saw a tussle in the street and attempted to help. He was rewarded with a life-endangering strike directly to his throat. Welcome to the real world of policing your Honor. This is what everyone who comes before you faces every day on the streets.


Question: "How many cops does it take to throw a handcuffed prisoner down a flight of stairs?"

Answer: "None. He tripped."

Are there good cops? Of course.

Are most department contaminated by thugs who get away with it every day of the week? Yes to that one too.

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