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Government terror


2017: The year of microchipping Americans (12:12)

7/7 London Bombings (36:56)

A crack in the armor (15:32)

A Global Patriot Act? (6:28)

A sick method of harassment endorsed by NBC (13:32)

A sinister infrastructure project (56:25)

A Thinking Person's Guide (34:12)

A Very Heavy Agenda (50:03)

Americans love war (05:48)

An atrocity in paradise (56:40)

"Anarchism" - What the heck it is really? (07:30)

Anti-Russian hysteria (06:02)

Assange arrested (11:54)

Authority without responsibility (31:16)

Behind the curtain of the CIA (44:25)

Behind the scenes of CIA torture (25:01)

Bernie and the Clintons in '94 (25:35)

"Blame Bernie" (06:51)

Bloomberg policing homeless diets (3:45)

Blueprint for Global Control (01:35:48)

Boston Bombing and the private contractors (5:05)

Boston Marathon Witness Interview (4:10)

Bulletin - Measles hysteria (10:46)

Burning down the seed libraries (17:41)

Can the emergency alert system be hacked? (09:53)

Child-Sex Ring run by Republicans (56:41)

China's quiet revolution (06:16)

China's top dirty cop (05:43)

CIA torture manager sails through confirmation hearings (04:40)

CIA/Cheney/Fox: Torture? What torture? (8:28)

Citizens United (11:30)

Clinton more corrupt than you can imagine (16:27)

Clinton: Assassin for the banks (06:17)

"Communications Management Units" (05:30)

Concentration camps for children in the US (05:34)

Confirmed: The US supports ISIS (11:07)

Contested Election - 2000 (42:20)

Cutting through the nonsense in Nice (05:31)

"Dakota" means friend (04:29)

Declassified: Tiananmen Square (43:47)

Democrats pathetic response to Trump (18:13)

Does the US government have a narcissistic personality disorder? (10:46)

Does Torture Actually Work? (11:39)

Eight years ago... (05:13)

Election fraudster silenced - the hard way (09:24)

Epstein & the Israeli financial mafia (56:07)

FBI discovers assassination plot against members of Occupy, does nothing (03:52)

Feds and White Supremacists (10:16)

"First stop killing us" (44:18)

Gangsters at work (9:08)

"Give Ireland back to the Irish" (3:44)

Glass-Steagall and the banking collapse (03:39)

Going in Circles (6:22)

Going To Jail For Growing Food? (02:16)

GOP takes away your privacy (09:47)

Got a complaint? (35:11)

Government attacks family with autistic children (14:58)

Grandpa Fined (02:00)

Guantanamo Bay: Still open for business (48:31)

HAARP, a global phenomenon (1:01:28)

Haiti 2010 (26:14)

Henry Kissinger: Hillary Clinton's foreign policy adviser (59:11)

Hillary in action (12:57)

Hillary's emails will be revealed - in 75 years (01:39)

Honduras since the 2009 coup (4:53)

How politicians sell themselves (29:23)

How the "Deep State" works (25:34)

How the CIA finds its minions (22:01)

How the FBI creates terrorist incidents (09:23)

How the government silences witnesses (6:41)

In praise of Bill Binney, whistleblower (07:31)

In praise of John Kiriakou, whistleblower (08:23)

In praise of Kevin Shipp, whistleblower (05:24)

Intelligence agency threats to Trump (10:35)

Is Trump being set up? (36:56)

ISIS - a US/UK creation (08:39)

Israel's war on UK politics (25:50)

"It doesn't add up" (02:08)

It's time to shut down the DEA (06:16)

Julian Assange is being subjected to extended psychological torture in the UK (12:10)

Kent State/Jackson State murders (36:54)

Kill anything that moves (25:32)

Language, propaganda and reality (09:42)

Lead in the drinking water (09:00)

Leading economist says TPP a disaster (11:44)

Life in San Bernardino (33:27)

Live breaking news - FBI head grilled by Congress (00:00)

Lying us into another war (5:52)

Major changes to the official Las Vegas timeline (29:25)

Malcolm X Day (05:30)

Meet President Bannon (26:03)

Meet the Double Government (25:46)

Meet the FBI director who gave Hillary a pass (06:59)

MRAPs in the Heartland (1:13)

National Whistleblowers Day (14:38)

News from the pipeline (12:34)

Obama Administrationís War on Whistleblowers (01:18:36)

Obama declares war on war...to make peace (1:37)

Obama loves drones (09:25)

Obama on Clinton - in '08 (01:22)

Ongoing massacre in Palestine (26:11)

Outsourcing torture (4:43)

Paid for by George Soros (16:39)

"People are in pain" (08:27)

Police raid a passionate gardener (16:47)

Police story violates combat reality (10:51)

Question about Alexandria (17:00)

Reagan and Guatemala genocide (04:35)

Remember all that Russia talk? (44:28)

Remember Blackwater? (05:59)

Remember Hilary's emails? (54:20)

Remember the underwear bomber? (10:42)

Remembering Waco (04:24)

Russia - Clinton's other dirty trick (27:14)

Sacco and Vanzetti (1:58)

So many air strikes, so little time (13:41)

Soldiers dressed in costume commit terrorist acts (5:45)

Special Report - Venezuela (05:47)

Standing Rock and New Orleans (51:06)

Stop the madness (09:36)

"Support the troops" (14:51)

Supreme Court nominee a corporate hack? (08:13)

Surveillance: State-of-the-art (26:56)

SWAT team, wrong house (04:29)

Syria, NYC and Washington DC (12:55)

Terror paymasters protected by US (48:58)

"That Bay of Pigs thing" (15:46)

The 2018 Syria fraud exposed (07:18)

The Anarchist Kid (03:59)

The art and science of legally stealing elections (10:58)

The Atlanta Olympic bombing (2:06)

The Big Boston coincidence (6:11)

The Big Picture (47:29)

The big sell out (21:05)

The bizarre history of solitary confinement (02:35)

The Boston-ization of Paris (6:41)

The CEO who said "No" to the NSA (4:01)

The CIA takes the gloves off (09:08)

The day after the election (01:03:16)

The demonic Dulles brothers (46:44)

The false flag attack against Cuba (02:58)

The FBI at work (02:06)

The FBI bombing of Judi Bari and Darryl Cherney (00:00)

"The Finders" - 1987 (41:09)

The first World Trade Center attack - 1993 (05:49)

The government wants you ignorant of the law (05:47)

The government war against families (20:35)

The great NFL-Pentagon scam (11:53)

The Imperial Presidency (07:40)

The incredible disappearing play (02:09:01)

The incredible disappearing San Bernardino witnesses (03:35)

The intelligence coup in the US (01:53:57)

The invention of the phrase "conspiracy theorist" (11:38)

The last Mexican-American War (04:17)

The little war that could (09:17)

The military and the corporate news media (07:46)

The naked man (3:42)

The Pentagon plans a war on the future (04:56)

The Pentagon runs Hollywood (15:42)

The psychos who rule US foreign policy (1:32:47)

The Saudis and US arm ISIS (23:44)

The secret China-US GMO deal (11:10)

The significance of letting Hillary off the hook (19:40)

The Strategy of Tension (10:29)

The Terror Factory (1:15:17)

The theft of the New World (43:34)

The Torture Biz (10:06)

The Trail of Tears (26:26)

The Trump flip flops (20:36)

The U.S. Assassinated Martin Luther King Jr (04:55)

The ultimate Epstein timeline (01:45)

The Ultimate Surveillance Program (19:03)

The UN scandal in Haiti (01:39:39)

The United States of lawlessness (45:58)

The United States of Organized Crime (57:03)

The US war against Cuba (04:25)

The USA and Murder Inc. (12:35)

The waterboarding whistleblower (16:47)

These are not the drones you're looking for (1:50)

Think you've seen it all? (06:05)

This bull is the pits (2:37)

"This is just a training exercise, do not worry" (1:31)

Time for the US to stop funding terrorists (01:04)

Too poor to purchase freedom (26:01)

Torture - Bush & Obama still on the hook (12:22)

Torture from Chicago to Guantanamo (11:17)

Triumph of the Drone King (03:45)

Trump is Clinton (03:41)

Trump is not the problem (07:59)

Trump joins the endless war crowd (21:42)

Trump was wiretapped "a zillion times" (01:02)

Understanding what anarchy really means (19:52)

US commits war crime Poland gets the heat (2:47)

US terrorism against Cuba (04:50)

Want a government job? (04:39)

What Chelsea Manning revealed (30:47)

What do we do with the Clintons? (25:08)

What else are they burying about the Epstein story? (08:24)

What goes on at Guantanamo (49:28)

What happens March 15? (26:31)

What in the world is going on? (01:27:15)

What's wrong with this picture? (16:35)

When the cops worked with the Klan (02:56)

Where's the party for working people? (11:42)

Whistle blower journalist dead of "heart attack" (13:21)

Who killed Glass-Steagall? (03:39)

Who owns the biggest Charter School network in the US? (02:25)

Why do they call these crooked deals "free trade" (51:12)

Wikileaks...before the Internet (13:37)

Zombie politics (12:59)

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