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Declassified: Tiananmen Square

Cold blooded murder in broad daylight


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Thus began the China investment boom


The list of the pigs who took money after the Tiananmen Massacre to help the gangster government in China clean up its image:

Henry Kissinger
Alexander Haig
Cyrus Vance
George Schultz
Dick Cheney
Brent Scowcroft
Carla Hills
Bill Brock
Howard Baker
Edmund Muskie
Warren Christoper
Leonard Woodcok
Robert Strauss and
Gary Hart

And let's not forget who was in the Wite House at the time:

George Herbert Walker Bush - Former CIA Director, Former Ambassador to China, the perfect "clean up" artist

How did they get the troops to murder their own people?

They removed the city based troops from the city center and brought in countryside troops who knew nothing about what was going on, they indoctrinated them into thinking the people who enemies of the state and then then injected them with a "vaccine" against diseases supposedly in the Square which was actually amphetamine.

So you had green young troops, scared out of their minds high on speed, told that the people in the city were a danger to them.

And that's how governments get their dirty work done.

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