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Lying us into another war

"Skull and Bones" Kerry shills for mayhem


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Three facts you have not been told


1. Turkish police arrested terrorists smuggling sarin gas into Syria on behalf of the rebels there. That simple fact has not been shared with the public regarding this story.

2. The "rebels" are largely made up of people who are openly hostile to the United States so by attacking the existing government, Obama & Co. are increasing the odds that Syria will be yet another country to be taken over by whacked out religious extremists.

3. The war mongering BBC used pictures from a 2003 photo taken in IRAQ and tried to pass them off as photos of the recent Syria slaughter.

That people were killed is no in doubt. How they were killed and who did it is.

What is certain is that a violent attack by the US is sure to kill innocent people and add to tensions there.

It's also a blatant violation of the Constitution.

Kerry says: "We know when the rockets were launched and when they landed, we know what area they came from and we know where they went."

Then he makes a bizarre comment about "social media." Since when is social media proof of anything? Normally it's proof of the opposite.

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