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The naked man

Who was he? Where did he go?


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Eye witness reports how he was killed by police


Who was this guy?

It's been claimed that he was the carjack victim which is ridiculous because that man - still unidentified - supposedly escaped the kidnappers in another part of town, fled to a convenience store, and had the manager call police for him. He was not stopped in a car by police.

And who was the SECOND person arrested at the same time the naked guy was arrested?

If it were not for this live on-the-scene reporting and the footage that almost certainly was not meant to be taken, no one would know this story.

The police will not say who this man was.

If he was the older brother, how did he end up so seriously dead a short while later?

Eye witness reports how he was run over by police SUV then "pumped with bullets":

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