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War is a racket:


"We'll be in Afghanistan for decades" (7:59)

America's Murder Inc. (02:49)

'Israeli tourist attack could be pretext for war with Iran' (4:33)

'NATO bombed Libya back into Stone Age' (4:19)

345,000 very low IQ men deliberately drafted for Vietnam (36:28)

800+ US bases all over the world (11:45)

89-year-old veteran fights Lockheed Martin (2:24)

A "surgical strike" (1:31:03)

A brief history of America's dumb policies towards Iran (5:27)

A friendly message from the Department of Veterans Affairs (2:00)

A Very Heavy Agenda (50:03)

A very profitable war (4:36)

A weapon deadly to its users (17:04)

A window into the world of espionage and murder (6:15)

Afghanistan a mineral treasure trove (6:14)

Afghanistan and other smoke and mirrors (09:49)

Al Qaeda and the West team up to frame Syrian government for massacre (3:15)

Al-Qaeda and Washington war hawks call for arming Syrian rebels (2:38)

"American Sniper": Propaganda machine (14:18)

Americans love war (05:48)

Arming smaller drones with tiny bombs only 'months away' (1:43)

Attack of the Drones - USA (26:30)

Banks, drugs and US-sponsored terrorism (10:00)

Behind the curtain of a little known nuclear power (27:30)

Black Budget fun and games (7:45)

Bradley Manning: Forgotten Man (15:55)

Cluster bombs in Yemen (02:31)

Congress and the VA planned for ZERO disabilities (3:33)

Creating the Taliban (9:00)

Creator explains message behind "Bomb Iran" billboard (2:48)

Disposable heroes (11:54)

"Drowning people in fear is the key to power" (7:51)

Endless war with Russia back on? (15:11)

Enough about McCain already (17:03)

Foreign Policy (7:06)

Fox News sounding like Brasscheck TV (5:00)

Fukushima relief sailors sick with radiation (6:26)

Fun and games in downtown Tampa (1:53)

"Go out and find these guys and whack them" (7:54)

Has Israel been given access to Azerbaijan bases near Iran border (5:00)

Heroin Inc. (10:00)

How Bush and Cheney destroyed the economy (04:43)

How drones have changed warfare (11:17)

How hard they work to sell you (12:17)

How occupation is waged in Afghanistan (26:09)

How small groups beat the military of empires (18:39)

How the news media sells war (5:24)

In Libya, chaos reigns as militias run wild (6:56)

"Iran far stronger than US would like to admit" (6:47)

Iran Is NOT Our Enemy (3:32)

Iraq for sale (1:15:40)

Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers (3:07)

ISIS: Terrorist flavor of the month (17:50)

Israel's nuclear weapons extend their reach (4:06)

Israeli military turning reservation on US border into war zone (15:07)

John McCain - Lost in Space (3:00)

Libya, The Real Story (22:17)

Libya: Land of the Lost (1:23)

Loose Cannon: Will Israel attack Iran? (5:04)

Marched into war (16:33)

Media fuels conflict and pushes for intervention (3:56)

Mexican drug cartels trained by US (3:06)

Modern day gunslingers in Afghanistan (45:19)

Money for war, no money for you (9:27)

More soldiers lost to suicide than battle (4:32)

New war: Old faces (2:04)

New-Nazis converge on the Ukraine (6:46)

Nuclear weapons: A ticking time bomb (4:41)

NY Times caught lying about Iran again (3:01)

Obama accelerates preparations for limited air strikes, no-fly zones in Syria (1:21)

Obama is an "anti-war" president? (5:26)

Panetta disarms Marines in Afghanistan amid fears of possible rogue Marine (2:39)

Phil Donahue on the foreign policy of a warrior nation (6:19)

Proof that US airstrikes help ISIS (4:20)

Rand Paul takes on John Kerry (10:14)

Release Bradley Manning (3:50)

Remembering Iran Contra (10:53)

Robots at War (15:14)

Russia warns of pre-emptive strike against NATO missile defences (1:54)

Secret weapons programs (10:30)

Small town Psy Ops (12:13)

Spin doctor: "There ain't no war but ours" (3:10)

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus (3:21)

Surveillance doesn't stop terrorism, drones create it (4:54)

Terror on top of terror? (0:40)

The arithmetic of war (7:07)

The Atomic Bazaar (58:54)

The banks own it all (17:16)

The BIG lie that led us into WWI (2:49)

The bottom line in America today (15:16)

The case against moving FORWARD (3:55)

The coming war with Iran (03:36)

The cost of combat (53:07)

The deification of "first responders" and other make believe heroes (3:37)

The endless US war on Cuba (12:34)

The history of the weapons of mass destruction fraud (08:16)

The last Mexican-American War (04:17)

The lead up to World War II (15:46)

The lesser of two evils? (11:02)

The Military-Entertainment Complex (6:51)

The modern history of Iran (9:48)

The Myth Of The Good Wars (1:07:08)

"The Pathology of Power" (29:10)

The Pentagon plans a war on the future (04:56)

The Pentagon-Hollywood Connection (52:28)

"The Quiet Mutiny" (19:48)

The REAL story behind the dangerous Russia/Ukraine conflict (4:06)

The reality behind the attack on Iran (02:44)

"The Resistance" embraces the Neo-Cons (07:17)

The Schwartzkopf Crime Family (4:22)

The Scramble For Africa (9:49)

"The sledgehammer of reality" (7:19)

The Taliban? Who The Heck Are They? (8:02)

The truth about Wikipedia (25:09)

The US armed Saddam Hussein with chemical and biological weapons (9:56)

The US is no democracy (5:00)

The US war against Cuba (04:25)

The War Crimes of Agent Orange (3:04)

The war in Yemen explained (07:54)

"They hate us for our freedom" (3:10)

"They Love War" (9:54)

"This Is What Winning Looks Like" (1:29:11)

US giving war operations to private business (7:14)

US global arms sales tripled in 2011 (9:26)

US ignites cyber warfare through Stuxnet (7:00)

US nearly bombs itself - repeatedly (16:25)

Vicious hypocrisy (3:33)

Vietnam War: 50th anniversary whitewash (12:31)

War destroys wealth (2:13)

War From Inside The Belly Of The Beast (8:27)

War Inc. (3:02)

War Industry Vs. Jobs (3:08)

War is a racket (updated for the 21st century) (9:23)

"War Is A Racket" (8:50)

War is theft (9:40)

War on terror is the new gold rush (6:37)

War on terror: 12 years down, 20 to go (11:11)

War Propaganda 101 (10:47)

War tensions deliberately elevated (40:07)

Welcome to the NEW Cold War (11:43)

What ended the Vietnam War? (49:27)

What they say when they think we're not listening (00:01:55)

When does it end?: A conversation on war forever (24:05)

When Will We Attack Syria? (5:29)

Where Blackwater Comes From (10:56)

Where is Bill Hicks when we need him? (10:06)

Who Built The Shredding-The-Constitution Business? (9:18)

Who do you serve when you go to war (3:40)

Who is Obama arming in Syria? (7:13)

Who stopped the war? (02:15)

Who will be blamed for WW III? (17:01)

"Why Albania?" (3:11)

Why did we use the atomic bomb on Japan? (29:41)

Why going to war with ISIS will fail (9:19)

Why have defense stocks done up 500% since 2011? (25:45)

World War I - Why? (27:45)

Yemen - eight years ago (04:43)

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