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The Taliban? Who The Heck Are They?

Hint: They're friends of the Saudis - and the CIA


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Nuts for hire


It takes a lot of money to operate a nationwide group of deranged killers.

So where does the Taliban get their money from?

Two sources:

Criminal activities - and "foreign aid" from places like the US and Saudi Arabia.

Foreign aid given to Afghanistan that ends up in Taliban coffers amounts to 20% of the Taliban's budget.

So less-than-directly, but effectively the US and its uber sleazy friends in Saudui Arabia are paying for the bullets and bombs that are blowing up US servicemen and women.

And when US troops are not chasing Taliban around the rocks, they're tasked with guarding "warlord" opium fields in order to make friends and influence people there.

The Saudis are big funders of all things loony in Islam and of course Uncle Sam's CIA and its friends in Pakistan were the first to put guns and guerrilla combat training into the Taliban's hands pre 9/11.

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