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The arithmetic of war

The Pentagon plans ahead


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The US explained in 7 minutes


During the 1950s and 1960s John Judge's mother had a high security clearance and worked as a statistician in the Pentagon's Planning and Projection office.

Her job was to help figure out how many soldiers needed to be drafted each year. (Everyone was subject to the draft in those days.)

Buried in the middle of an hour and a half interview I found this gem that really should be made common knowledge.

In the April of 1963, Judge said his mother was told to generate numbers for that reflected of full withdrawal of US troops from Vietnam.

Then the Monday after Kennedy was assassinated she was ordered by the Joint Chiefs to project a ten year war with 57,000 soldiers dead.

By the way, when did the first peacetime draft in the history of the US start?

FDR put it in place - along with an elaborate federal bureaucracy, the Selective Service System, to run it in 1940...the year BEGORE Pearl Harbor.

Wars don't just "happen."

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