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In Libya, chaos reigns as militias run wild

The Middle East


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Libya: Militias ‘Torture Detainees To Death’ 

Eurasia Review

While most of the Western world was busy praising the Arab spring as a long-awaited “triumph of democracy”, the voices of t few skeptics were completely ignored. However, soon it turned out that not only did the revolution fail to bring about any improvements, it actually made the situation much worse. The recently reported scandal with the persecution of pro-democracy groups by the Egyptian authorities is now being followed by another report showing that Libyan militias are, in effect, turning the country into a concentration camp.

Human rights groups led by the Amnesty International have been reporting grave violations of human rights, which have been perpetrated by Libyan militias for a long time. One of the main documents to rebut the widespread stereotype that the only side guilty of committing war crimes was Gaddafi’s army became the Amnesty’s report titled “The Battle for Libya – Killings, Disappearances and Torture”. The report clearly demonstrated that abductions, torture and killings were also widely practiced by Libyan rebels.

The West, which had put great efforts into supporting the Libyan rebellion, initially tried to ignore alarming reports, but the escalation of the situation demonstrated that the violence was only getting more extreme by the day.

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