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Science and Technology


2014: The emerging of a global consciousness? (3:38)

A new tool for the spy boys (4:32)

A Second Look At Psychopaths (7:00)

Another Banned TED talk (18:20)

Another closer look at Solar Roadways (18:56)

Apple, Google defy US government (2:18)

Babel No More: The Search for the World's Most Extraordinary Language Learners (58:59)

Can rice be more evolved than humans? (52:17)

Can the Internet crash? (12:32)

Corruption in science (31:36)

Cutting through the "space as the final frontier" baloney (15:47)

Defense Against the Psychopath (37:38)

Documentary: "Grounded" (1:14:21)

Even the maps are wrong (3:49)

Everything you need to know about conspiracies (5:22)

Fleecing consumers for profit (7:12)

Forbidden to repair (01:43)

Global warning is good news for Greenland (19:06)

Google's self-driving car apparently works (1:56)

Google: Fake it till you make it (01:31)

HAARP explained from A to Z (1:49:52)

HAARP, a global phenomenon (1:01:28)

Healing the Hive (41:18)

Heating - or warming? (04:58)

How fool-proof are high tech passports? (3:00)

How Hong Kong protesters get around official censorship (9:53)

How the Internet saps your life (12:15)

How to protect your house from 5G (29:52)

Is a robot coming for your jobs? (15:01)

Is Solar Roadways a scam? (28:51)

"Look Up" (4:59)

"Male Power" And Other Fantasies (58:47)

Microsoft’s Freaky Foresight (6:05)

Mobile phone and wireless radiation (01:01:29)

Nature's Code (3:20)

Nobel prize winner speaks out (32:21)

Plutonium: The most dangerous substance on earth (01:31:20)

Powdered Alcohol: A joke on the dopey new media (14:13)

Psychedelics as treatment for addiction (35:20)

Real climate change (18:45)

Real scientists are rare (05:19)

Robots getting smarter (1:38)

Safer than nukes- and cheaper too (20:32)

Silicon Valley vs. Department of Defense (06:04)

"Skynet could be real!" (2:56)

Solar Roads: A wild idea - that just might work (4:38)

Sometimes the TV weatherman tells the truth... (00:47)

Steve Jobs talks about eduction reform (12:52)

Straight talk on technology (24:14)

Strong arm tactics of the corporate gestapo (38:39)

Taking a look at the secret powers of time (10:09)

Taking back the Internet (35:18)

Techno-Fascism (26:53)

Technological disobedience (08:30)

"Technology is the answer" - NOT (01:01:59)

The ancestor you didn't know you had (51:41)

The biggest computer leak in history (06:07)

The brain in love (16:28)

The corruption of science (26:25)

The great developing world tech scam (10:50)

The incredible power of children to learn (17:26)

The invisible poison in your pocket (52:59)

The Miracle Of Trees (7:23)

The much-neglected source of human life (36:47)

The nuclear city under the ice (31:46)

The other Thomas Edison (9:14)

The Pentagon and Technology (05:38)

The Power of "Outrospection" (10:29)

The Science Of Psychopathy (8:12)

The self-driving car scam (09:00)

The Sun (36:04)

The technology of weather control (1:49:52)

The War on Consciousness (13:26)

This technology exists: It has for decades (11:55)

Time to Think (12:38)

Tired of NSA spying Brazil, EU thumb noses at US (6:31)

UK internet witch hunt (3:50)

Vision of the future from the 60s (6:09)

"We choose to go to the moon" (02:03)

What happened to Nikola Tesla's papers? (46:26)

What is reality? (18:40)

What really motivates people? (10:48)

What's in chemtrails? (08:49)

Where is science taking us? (2:35)

Who has the best science? (4:19)

Why Do Tornadoes Hate America? (3:49)

"Will Work For Free" (2:06:36)

You can take my email service (13:06)

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