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Global warning is good news for Greenland

Almost as warm as the Viking era


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How glaciers work


Vikings found Greenland to be a green paradise.

In fact, it was much warmer there then it is now even with global warming.

Then came a mini Ice Age and the glaciers did what glaciers do all the time: they stopped their temporary retreat and started growing again.

Now, the glaciers are doing what glaciers do, they're retreating and Greenland is become a place to farm again.

Anyone who stayed awake in Geology 101 knows that glaciers ebb and flow. It might not be convenient for human beings, but there is nothing new about it.

Should human beings adapt? Yes, absolutely.

Should be become hysterical and blame the change on "greenhouse gases" and start a carbon credits futures market? I don't think so.

It was much warmer in the Greenland in the Viking era that it is today...

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