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Can the Internet crash?

Fact: It's vulnerable


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Honest - and dishonest - mistakes


Is there a Plan B if the Internet goes down for an extended period of time?

No there isn't.

The fact is the world runs on software and software and is subject to attack. The Internet, which we've come to depend on, is full of vulnerabilities.

One of the big risks is that we know the parts, but we don't really know how the whole thing works as an "emergent system."

What's an "emergent system": think the weather.

This is not a crank. He got his PhD from MIT and holds over 150 U.S. patents.

Danny pioneered the idea of parallel computers that is now the foundation for supercomputing, and RAID disk array technology that all large databases depend on.

Brasscheck TV's answer to the normal human question: "What can I do?"
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