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Obama Watch:


A trip dowm memory lane (3:00)

"All governments would like to be totalitarian" (12:00)

"Barack Obama has become Dick Cheney" (7:18)

"Dakota" means friend (04:29)

Deconstructing Obama (11:15)

If this happened in Russia... (18:35)

Just one more war... (08:07)

New boss same as the old one: The Bush-Bama presidency (14:33)

News from the pipeline (12:34)

Not all sermons are given on Sunday (27:32)

Obama and torture (2:35)

Obama caught red handed (03:24)

Obama fans finally catching on (4:02)

Obama legacy (12:59)

Obama's legacy - The Drone King (02:04)

One million illegal American aliens living in Mexico? (2:26)

Sometimes Obama gets it right (16:02)

The "Cannabis as Schedule 1 Drug" fraud (06:03)

The private prison business goes on (03:13)

The truth about the Obama legacy (15:54)

"They're violating the rights
of everyone in the country"

Virginia State Delegate Bob Marshall discusses H.B. 1160, against illegal detention (7:16)

Weird Obama testimony (3:07)

Where did this guy, Barrack Obama come from, anyway? (03:53)

Who is Obama arming in Syria? (7:13)

Yes we can . . . (1:01)

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