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Where did this guy, Barrack Obama
come from, anyway?

Billionaire fraudster, Penny Pritzker picked
Barrack Obama to become US president


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Groomed for the throne by billionaire fraudster
Penny Pritzker


You might be one of those people who asked and perhaps is still asking: “Where did this guy Barrack Obama come from anyway? Who found this guy? No one even heard of him before 2008?” Good questions.

Most people have never heard of the Chicago Pritzker family or U.S. Secretary of Commerce Penny Pritzker either. They are one of the wealthiest families in America, $20 billion worth of family, as noted by Forbes Magazine. Penny has $4 billion alone.

She used to have more. That was before 2001 when a predatory subprime mortgage securitization racket she set up with her family led to the failure of Superior Bank in Chicago in 2008. She was fined $400 million by the Feds for bringing the sub-prime loan racket to Chicago and then let loose to roam.

The sub-prime mortgage racket was carried out in then, Senator Obama’s Congressional District, the South Side of Chicago. That is where Obama and Pritzker met. That is where they planned.

It was Penny Pritzker who found Obama; Penny Pritzker who when he was a Senator in Chicago, introduced him to the likes of Robert Rubin, Jamie Dimon and many other banksters and fraudsters on Wall St. Rubin’s backing of Obama in 2008 was the clincher that denied Hillary Clinton the nomination.

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