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Obama is an 'elected dictator'

Ron Paul spells it out


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Straight Talk


Fox Host: "You called the President recently, an elected dictator. What do you mean by that?"

Ron Paul: "Well, you know, a couple weeks ago he announced Congress is too slow. They donít move fast enough. So, he was very bold about it. He says, ĎIím going to pass my legislation one piece at a time. His stimulus package. Iíll write an executive order every week.í I mean that is arrogant. He is flaunting the Constitution and the whole principles of how we are supposed to operate. Even though these Executive Orders have been around for a long time and Iíve complained about them a long time. But the idea that they can just do this and take over the legislative function and brag about it and Congress does nothing and the courts do nothing."

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