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Weird Obama testimony

From former Manhattan Borough President
Percy Sutton


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To understand the significance of this read below


It's possible this guy is senile, but there's no doubt that he was a big Obama supporter and fan. Not an enemy.

If he was senile at the time of this report, he did hold important elected positions, so he's not a flake coming from left field.

He's basically saying that Obama's Harvard Law School career was paved by Khalid Al-Mansour, the advisor to Saudi prince Al-Walid bin Talah.

This is weird on so many levels:

1. It's pretty clear that Obama did not attend Columbia University. He did get a degree, but with the exception of just one professor no one - including the head of the political science department and all of its students - remember ever meeting him. So how on earth was he qualified to go to Harvard Law School?

2. You're generally not set up to be head of the Harvard Law Review before you're a student (though corruption in higher ed is so rampant anything is possible.)

3. Michele Obama claims Obama paid for Harvard with loans, but no evidence has ever been forthcoming either from Harvard or the Obamas.

4. Al-Walid bin Talah is a big donor to CAIR, a Muslim group declared by the U.S. Government in 2007 as an unindicted co-conspirator in a terrorist act on 9/11

5. Remember, the Bush crime family are firmly in bed with the Saudis (the Saudi moneyman in this testimony was said to be from Texas) so it's very possible that they were in on this too and may have even directed it.

Do you understand now why Obama won't touch the House of Saud family and continues to support their criminal enterprises including funding terror in Iraq and Syria?

Do you now understand why Obama is nothing more than a hipper, bi-racial version of George Bush Jr, put in place to execute all the same policies?

Why are we the only ones who get this?

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