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In Humor, Truth:


A little humor - and a Chinese lesson (5:03)

A reality check on US border "security" (2:56)

An absurdist interview that illuminates the global financial crisis (2:45)

Another closer look at Solar Roadways (18:56)

Big surprise for a white supremacist (3:38)

BP responds to a coffee spill (2:48)

Christian clergymen celebrate Christmas by beating each other up at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem (2:00)

Everything you need to know about conspiracies (5:22)

Fox "News" bathes in its own ignorance (5:03)

"Gays too precious to risk in combat" (1:51)

George Carlin and Bill Hicks together (2:29)

Google Glass: Silicon Valley foolishness (5:12)

How government works (9:48)

How the markets really work (from 2007) (9:02)

If you actually needed proof the music industry is fake (12:55)

"Inspiring" commencement speech (20:16)

Is Our Grasp Of Ancient History Any Better? (3:45)

Jon Stewart on Obama and ISIL (8:33)

"Leave nature alone" (7:39)

Musical Prophecy (9:11)

Network Newsreaders and Other Airheads (1:44)

Nostalgia: "The Time Tunnel" (18:22)

Not all sermons are given on Sunday (27:32)

"Not My City Anymore" (6:18)

NSA Wiretapping (2:23)

Ordinary citizen pulls over cop, and its hilarious (10:45)

Powdered Alcohol: A joke on the dopey new media (14:13)

Recap of this week's hottest stories, Lee Camp style (27:25)

Robin Williams (1:22:31)

Russian Tough (1:48)

Sad, but true - and funny (8:26)

Social engineering for the people (3:36)

The awesome power of ridicule (4:04)

The dopey "Ban Bossy" campaign (9:44)

The Government Can (3:04)

The illusion of choice (29:20)

The new iPhone nSa (3:39)

The North Korean Threat (3:12)

The twisted, inaccurate logic of Ancient Aliens (13:04)

The worst toys ever made (4:34)

What Facebook is really all about (3:44)

What really happened to Osama? (:27)

What's in the flu shot (2:48)

When Colbert roasted Bush (24:11)

Who are the "The Power Elite?" (2:10)

Why a comedian is most respected news anchor (25:02)

"Why Albania?" (3:11)

Why I don't bungee jump (0:43)

Why is this idiot still around? (2:00)

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