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The North Korean Threat

Bullshit or make believe?


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It's a joke guys, this video and the "threat"


The North Korea "threat" may well be the best and most obvious example of news media fraud ever perpetuated - and that's saying a lot.

This total train wreck of a country is a threat to the world?

If the hot air that comes from the mouths of CNN, the BBC and FOX threatens to increase "global warming" (or is it "climate change" now) then maybe. Otherwise, this is preposterous.

Unless, of course, the US is looking for someone new to bomb to take people's minds off the impending collapse of the stock market and all the pension plans tied to it.

From YouTube:

North Korea Nuclear Missile Factory Tour
A full tour of North Korea's Nuclear Missile Plant number 7 (A).

See the state of the art control room, which is the envy of engineers the world over.

See the state of the art computer screen, as a man in a yellow hat (not to be confused with the man in the red hat) prepares to control the missile launcher affectionately known as Thunderbird 3.

Watch as the man skilfully guides the missile towards its' intended target, California, USA.

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