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Big surprise for a white supremacist

And the irony is just beautiful


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White supremacist “purebred” believer
gets news about his ancestry


So what’s the story behind the man behind an effort to create a haven in North Dakota for neo-nazis and white-supremacists?

Craig Cobb, an open white-supremacist hell-bent against mixing races, finds out he has 14% African American ancestry. His reaction? Pure denial.

There goes his entire philosophy, down the tubes, and we love it!

You’re going to want to see the reaction of the other guest on the show!

Bottom line, especially for "pure" WASPs and Scotch-Irish from "way back" who have roots in the South: It would not be unthinkable that you have a little coffee in your milk. Conversely, there's a whole lot of black folks with a little cream in their coffee in America who just don't know it (yet).

Race chauvinism: a disease afflicting those with very, very low IQs and/or very little grasp of real history.

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