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Russian Tough

Why Russians have dash-cams in their cars


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Might be a god idea for Americans to get dashboard cams too


Any combat between Russians and Ukrainians is going to be serious because these are seriously tough people.

Clinton, the mad bomber of Belgrade, backed off from a ground invasion of Yugoslavia (another tough-as-nails Slavic country) when someone apparently told him the facts of life:

Super-equipped American troops with satellite communication, night vision goggles and other high tech goodies may be able to (temporarily) run roughshod over tribal Somalis, but against Russian-trained troops (and that includes Yugoslavs, Ukrainians, and Russian vets), a battle on their home turf was likely to be a blood bath with US troops getting the bloody end of the stick.

Russians are good fighters and tough in a way that few Americans are any more these days as this funny but revealing video shows.

And you think we have problems with cops here?

Most Russians have their own dashboard cams to protect themselves from the cops of Mother Russia.

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