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Good guys:


1 Marine vs. 30 Cops (5:32)

6/9 US businessman visits Iran (58:51)

89-year-old veteran fights Lockheed Martin (2:24)

A day in the life of a volunteer (11:07)

A singer who speaks the truth (29:05)

A very interesting man (57:08)

A Voice Of Reason On Marijuana (5:44)

Abby Martin and Robby Martin (46:05)

An Different View Of Detroit (15:06)

Assange arrested (11:54)

Biggest Rally against NSA domestic spying (8:23)

Bob Marley: Born February 6, 1945 (7:33)

Border patrols in the United States (6:52)

Brasscheck interviews Corey's Digs (01:01:15)

Cajun Navy to the rescue (01:41)

Can the world be changed with good information (12:17)

Chalk the Police (7:28)

Charlie Hebdo: An academic’s perspective (8:44)

Chile: The other 9/11 (39:08)

Chomsky: "Snowden is a hero" (05:10)

Could America become a tuition-free nation? (08:26)

Deputy Respects First Amendment (13:26)

Did John Oliver Get U.S. Policy Changed? (02:25)

Do we need government? (19:02)

Election indignities (03:47)

"Everything we said was true" (14:33)

Filippo Brunelleschi (4:44)

Folk music hero Doc Watson dies at age 89 (2:09)

Freedom on the road? (13:30)

Fun and Games (4:30)

Getting secret info from the government (08:14)

Google employees protest AI killing machine (09:07)

Government bullies (2:53)

Guess who just sued the NSA (3:49)

Hail to the Chief (3:49)

Honest doctors telling the truth (19:01)

How to answer a crooked journalist (03:44)

How to deal with Trump (17:51)

In praise of Bill Binney, whistleblower (07:31)

In praise of John Kiriakou, whistleblower (08:23)

In praise of Kevin Shipp, whistleblower (05:24)

In praise of Public Citizen (11:07)

Information Wants To Be Free (00:06:28)

Introducing a great American journalist (59:41)

Is the System vulnerable? (3:56)

Israel's Murder Inc. laid bare (07:04)

JFK's 100th birthday (03:58)

Jon Stewart: The not-so-fake news anchor (25:02)

Judge Strikes Down Indefinite Detention (2:18)

Julian Assange is being subjected to extended psychological torture in the UK (12:10)

Julian Assange on 60 Minutes (27:31)

Kill the Messenger - Part Five (10:18)

Kill the Messenger - Part Four (10:18)

Kill the Messenger - Part Three (10:38)

Kill the Messenger - Part Two (10:16)

Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) (01:24:23)

Marine Sgt. Shamar Thomas on Countdown (6:04)

Monsanto's war on the truth (12:52)

New York Times reporter dies hours after Snowden interview (1:00:47)

Occupy small town America: Why they're protesting (2:56)

PATRIOT Act super-charged (5:00)

Project: Dickpix (33:31)

Protecting whistleblowers (12:15)

Random door-to-door searches (9:35)

Real journalism - it exists (01:29:10)

Remembering a true American hero (47:55)

Remembering Muhammad Ali (01:11)

Repressive laws multiply (38:27)

RFK Jr. Confronts CIA Lawyer On Torture (4:15)

RIP - Dick Gregory (01:13)

Ron Paul for Julian Assange (08:37)

Russ Baker takes on mainstream media baloney (11:45)

Senator releases media-censored statistics (4:53)

Social engineering for the people (3:36)

Speaking truth to power (8:00)

Staten Island After Sandy (5:27)

Straight talk about the surveillance state (11:48)

Straight talk from a 1970s South Bronx police commander (4:54)

Taking back the Internet (35:18)

Terror paymasters protected by US (48:58)

"The British legal system is on trial..." (07:56)

The CEO who said "No" to the NSA (4:01)

The CIA cocaine pipeline to South Central LA (3:05)

The courageous anti-surveillance activist you probably never heard of (12:50)

The cure for toxic politics? ( 25:45)

The government attack on normal Americans (7:12)

The incredible power of children to learn (17:26)

The man who stopped SOPA and saved the internet. (22:52)

The massive contributions of Julian Assange (32:47)

The most censored politician in America (13:01)

The much-neglected source of human life (36:47)

The other Thomas Edison (9:14)

The power of nonviolence (58:25)

The right artists won an Oscar this year (2:04)

The tale of a peace-making hero (1:02:42)

The Veterans For Peace convention (34:33)

Third World conditions in post-flood New York (2:42)

This man saved more lives than any person on earth (09:53)

This pop-culture figure fights the good fight (26:00)

True American heroes - the whistleblowers (10:23)

Vet came home in one piece only to lose legs in protest (17:27)

Veteran police officer says "no" to random door-to-door searches (5:00)

Voice of sanity from the ranks of the NYPD (10:12)

What happened to Nikola Tesla's papers? (46:26)

When a cop tries to do the right thing (42:39)

When Julian Assange exposed corruption in the DNC (11:43)

When the people form their OWN grand jury (8:45)

Whistleblowers are heroes (58:56)

Who are the abusive police officers? (6:06)

Why is marijuana a Schedule 1 drug? (15:07)

Yes Men on the move (6:15)

“Striking Gold on a Mountain of Garbage” (9:36)

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