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Chile: The other 9/11

CIA stooge Pinochet arrested decades later
causing thugs like Kissinger to adjust their travel plans


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Kissinger: "We can't have democratically elected
governments in Third World countries"


ITT owned the national telephone company and other businesses in Chile. One of their directors John McCone was the former head of the CIA and he got their agreement to stage a coup.

Their goal was to keep democratically elected Salvador Allende from being inaugurated. When that failed, they staged a full fledged coup.

Part of the plan included the assassination of Chile's commander-in-chief General René Schneider which the CIA paid for. Then Chilean military in the pay of the CIA attacked the Presidential Palace. Thousands of Allende supporters were murdered, tortured and "disappeared" and the democratically elected government was replaced by US puppet General Augusto Pinochet.

Kissinger and Nixon thought it was a great idea.

Decades later Spanish government arrested General Pinochet and put him on trial.

Next stop: Henry Kissinger, George Bush and Dick Cheney...all of whom are afraid to visit certain countries and facing the same fate for their crimes against humanity.

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