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Offensive technology:


Aggressive maneuvers for autonomous quadrotor flight (1:27)

America's Growth Industry (1:23)

Arming smaller drones with tiny bombs only 'months away' (1:43)

Attack of the Drones w/ Jason Bermas (5:34)

Attack of the Drones - USA (26:30)

Automated license plate recognition (3:59)

Bogus tech used to accuse innocent people (09:11)

Britain pushes for mass surveillance society (2:53)

Cash = Terrorism (5:46)

Congress allows 30,000 drones to spy on Americans (8:23)

Creating human-robot killers (11:53)

Domestic drones (3:26)

Drone Nation: How we got here (2:28)

Electronic Pickpocketing: Drawbacks to a cashless society (3:40)

Facial Recognition Systems to be Rolled Out Nationwide (2:00)

FBI wants flat-out totalitarian spying on the internet (10:28)

Fleecing consumers for profit (7:12)

Further down the 9/11 rabbit hole (1:16:00)

Geoengineering explained by G. Edward Griffin (4:57)

Google's no privacy policy (6:35)

Government using Predator drones against Americans at home (9:39)

How to protect your house from 5G (29:52)

Japanese develop new facial recognition technology (1:40)

Lethal Autonomy (6:34)

New police toys (27:47)

No more cluster bombs (10:00)

Obama's legacy - The Drone King (02:04)

Obama's plan: less troops, more fire from the skies (2:01)

Predictive Programming (1:18:06)

Radiation emitted by full-body scanners used at U.S. airports (11:08)

Resistance is futile (2:58)

Secret weapons programs (10:30)

Sheriff's deputy doesn't rule out arming drone (2:48)

"Skynet could be real!" (2:56)

"Stop the Drone War" (10:30)

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus (3:21)

The back scatter scam (4:34)

The self-driving car scam (09:00)

The Shale Oil Hoax (7:00)

The skinny on the planned cashless society (10:56)

The Staged "Alien Invasion" Threat (12:00)

"The Thistle and the Drone" (04:32)

The war against the weak: Eugenics in America (10:01)

US Ready to Deploy Ray Gun (1:15)

US-Nazi Aeronautics (43:33)

Wireless sabotage of cars (05:07)

Your career as a "spook" (1:19)

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