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A reality check on Venezuela (46:37)

Alternative energy (5:00)

America's Nuclear Time Bombs (3:37)

Chernobyl now (3:19)

Coastal nuke plants vulnerable (10:00)

Court to homeowner: Get on the grid or else (1:50)

Energy from water flow (02:41)

Fracking: Much worse than we thought (11:02)

Fukushima relief sailors sick with radiation (6:26)

Gas prices rise 10 live on air in Los Angeles (3:13)

Gasoline is toxic waste - literally (10:00)

Green Collar Economy (05:52)

Home made electricity (21:44)

"I'm going to solve the energy problem with a swimming pool's worth of water" (3:56)

Infrastructure time bomb (17:17)

Keystone pipeline already leaking catastrophically (10:39)

Leaking Reactors (2:26)

Made in America (1:28:26)

North Dakota pipeline already leaking (05:41)

Obama's Executive Order facilitates martial law (14:26)

Oil and War (45:44)

Oil industry math (8:55)

Oil prices, debt and the next crash (12:44)

Pipelines, deficits, and the oil dictatorship (18:04)

Real alternative energy (21:07)

Shell Oil's murder of Ken Saro-Wiwa (59:38)

Some truth about the 14th Street Substation I'd like to believe them, but I don't... (0:29)

Take Back Your Power (3:16)

The Atomic Bazaar (58:54)

The Energy Non-Crisis (9:51)

The Great Amnesia (5:00)

The Great Oil Scam (8:51)

The Nigerian oil holocaust (18:09)

"The Paradox of Plenty" (22:26)

The real problem with oil (2:50)

"The Sky Is Pink" (18:34)

The unreported catastrophe (2:47)

Third World USA (16:33)

UK stops all smart meter installations (8:43)

Using and abusing cheap oil (22:35)

"Venezuela is a wreck" (14:30)

What happened to Nikola Tesla's papers? (46:26)

What happened to this technology? (2:08)

When the CIA overturned Iran in 1953 (23:24)

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